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Cigar Affection's Excelsus Best Cigar of the Year Award

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Cigar Affection is home to Africa's Premier Cigar of the Year Award


Cigar Affection's  E X C E L S U S

Best Cigar of the Year Award

2 0 1 3


is awarded to:





Serie V 





Gran Reserva Limitada










Congratulations to the team at Oliva


for creating this Superp Cigar.


- Top Cigar of 2013 -


Cigar Affection





Best Cigar of the Year Award


2 0 1 3






Serie V 





Gran Reserva Limitada






Official Rules, Terms and Conditions for entry and taking part in Cigar Affection’s EXCELSUS 2013 Best Cigar of the Year Award.

1. Entries for “Cigar Affection’s Excelsus 2013 Best Cigar of the Year Award” (hereafter referred to as COTY2013) are free. 

2. COTY2013 is organised, hosted and presented by Cigar Affection / (Hereafter referred to as “the organiser”)

3. Entries for COTY2013 close on 30 September 2013.


4. Only premium, hand rolled & non-flavoured cigars will be accepted for entry into COTY2013. No artificially flavoured or non-premium cigars will be allowed entry to COTY2013.

5. A premium cigar (hereafter referred to as cigar/cigars) is defined as a cigar that consists of:
    a) Filler, binder and wrapper tobacco leaves. 
    b) Rolled with whole/long/short leaf tobacco.
    c) Does not contain any synthetic leaf, HTL (homogenized tobacco leaf) or artificial flavourings.

6. Eligible cigars for COTY2013 are brands/variants/vitolas/lines that must be available for sale to the general public online and/or in stores on or before 31 October 2013.

7. Limited edition cigars may be entered provided they will be available for sale to the general public online and/or in stores on or before 31 October 2013.

8. The Black Star EXCELSUS 2013 Best Cigar of the Year winner will be awarded and announced on 
Wednesday, 6 November 2013 at 2pm (GMT+2).

9. All results of COTY2013 will be announced on 

10. Anyone may enter COTY2013 including but not limited to: Cigar Manufacturers, Cigar Importers, Cigar Wholesalers, Cigar Distributors, Cigar Marketers, Tobacconists, Cigar Lounges, Online and/or Retail Tobacco Stores and Sellers as well as individuals. (Hereafter referred to as "entrant/entrants")

11. Any entrant can enter as many cigars as they see fit provided that a box with at least 10 (ten) fresh and smokeable samples of each variant of the specific entered cigar is supplied by the entrant as it is and/or will be available for sale online and/or in retail to the general public. 

12. There is no limit regarding the amount of entries for any brand/variant/vitola/line of cigars entered into COTY2013. (Example: "Manufacturer A" may enter amongst others "Variant C" in a Churchill and/or Toro and/or Robusto as well as “Variant D” in a Corona Gorda and/or Belicosos and/or Perfecto, etc.)


13. Entry to COTY2013 is not restricted to any country of manufacturing. Any cigar brand from any country or manufacturer may enter.

14. Entries must be couriered or delivered to the organiser’s premises in Gauteng, South Africa. Address available on the COTY2013 entry form.

15. Each entry must be accompanied by a COTY2013 entry form that can be obtained by sending an email to or telphonically contacting the organiser at +27 12 653 6740 / +27 82 450 7497.

16. Each entry received will be acknowledged by either written or telephonic confirmation. 

17. None of the owners/representatives/employees of any of the brands/entrants/nominees or sponsors (if any) are associated with COTY2013 or have any influence over the results of COTY2013.

18. Cigars entered into COTY2013 will be judged on appearance and presentation (20 points), quality of construction (20 points), flavour/taste (40 points) and an overall satisfaction rating (20 points). Total points: 100 Maximum.

19. The retail price of the entered cigars will not be a judging criteria or deciding factor.

20. The organiser in its sole discretion reserves the right to withdraw or vary these rules, terms and conditions and/or any offer made in connection with them at any time as they see fit in order to comply with the decision of any relevant judicial or regulatory body and shall not be held liable to and/or by any entrant for doing so. Should any rules changes occur and an entrant is not accepting of the rule changes they may withdraw from COTY2013.


21. All changes made to these rules, terms and conditions for the period between 1 April 2013 and 30 September 2013 it will be noted on  This may include but will not be limited to spelling/grammar corrections, issues of clarity etc.

22. Any unused/unsmoked cigars as well as cigars that are not deemed eligible/valid for entry will not be returned to the entrant. 

23. Shipping and/or courier costs to South Africa for entry into COTY2013 is the sole responsibility of the entrant.

24. It is accepted by all parties that any cigars entered is supplied exclusively for sample purposes relating to COTY2013 and not for resale purposes and must be duly noted as such by the entrant on any shipping and waybill documentation.

25. No liability is accepted by the organiser and/or any of it’s employees and/or representatives for entries that are not received for whatever reason for COTY2013. This may include but not be limited to lost parcels, failure of customs clearance, damaged parcels etc.

26. The organiser reserves the right to withdraw the COTY2013 award if it can be determined at any stage that the entrant did not comply with this rules and terms and conditions of entry.

27. The tasting panel judges' decisions is final and no correspondence will be entered into. 

28. The tasting panel will consist of 3 judges. The judging panel will do blind tastings of each entered cigar to ensure fairness and it will be facilitated by the tasting coordinator who is not part of the tasting panel.

29. It is accepted by all parties including but not limited to entrants and the media that the organiser will make all public announcements first concerning finalists and the winners of COTY2013.

30. By entering a cigar the entrant accepts and agrees to accept this rules, terms and conditions and/or any specific terms and conditions and applicable instructions of COTY2013 that can be found in this rules, terms and conditions about COTY2013.

31. Incorrect entries or entries made in breach or non-compliance with these terms and conditions will not be accepted.

32. The organiser as well as its affiliates and subsidiaries, or any of their employees, organisers, officers, directors or tasting panel judges shall not be held liable for any damages whatsoever arising as a result of any entrant’s or winner's participation in COTY2013 or any such modification, alteration, discontinuance or termination of or by the organiser and any such liability shall be borne solely and exclusively by the entrant or winner, as the case may be.

33. Any queries can be directed to the award organiser Mr. Jeandré Hartman from Cigar Affection via the following channels:


Tel: Office: +27 12 653 6740

Tel: Mobile: +27 82 450 7497 



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